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[animate style=”up” delay=”15″]Delco SEO provides real estate web design services which generates leads.  More than ever, users are searching for their next home online.  In addition to an agent.  Many potential home buyers will do business with someone they feel is trustworthy.  Your personal real estate website will have your story.  Show that you care about your properties and your clients.  In addition to the neighborhood where you are targeting potential buyers.  As a result, building credibility as a professional in the field.  And adding a personal touch about you as an agent.

Our website designs are responsive and mobile friendly.  Mobile phones are on the rise, some using more than desktop computers now.   According to Nielsen in 2016, 96% of millennials own smartphones.  According to the National Association of Realtors in 2016, 35% percent of all home buyers were millennials.  In fact Zillow opened a portal specifically for millennials.  Your website will be available to these potential clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week.[/animate]

[animate style=”up” delay=”20″]Customize Your Real Estate Web Design[/animate]

[animate style=”up” delay=”20″] Our web designs are completely customizable.  They can integrate with your MLS listings.  Or we can add properties for you with more specialized fields and terminology.  Allowing you to showcase featured listings, sold properties, or price changes.  In addition to listing your open houses or special events.  We create customizable landing pages for marketing campaigns.  This allows you to speak to a specific audience or targeted audience.  A specific group of potential home buyers for example.  And we ensure that the content is optimized for that audience.  Our web designs are designed to increase conversions.  For example, an enticing headline which grabs the readers attention and promises value to them.  In addition to lead capture strategies to gather contact information.  Delco SEO can also integrate your web design with an SEO strategy.  Click here for more information. [/animate]


Want to see some sample web designs?  No problem!