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Delco SEO also offers a variety of multimedia services for real estate agents.  These include photography and video production.  We also integrate these with your web design or SEO project.

Would you like to know what the top 5 videos are to market your brand?  Click here to find out how multimedia can help you!

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Good videos which will attract attention to your brand.  In addition to shares on social media.  Shares can be the best word of mouth!  For example, you create a funny video that one person shared with their friends.  One of their friends happens to be buying or selling their home.  Or knows someone who is.  Of course video production does not always have to be funny.  Name can create video tours of a neighborhood.  As a result, giving potential buyers a sneak peak into the community.  Name produces quality videos designed to increase client acquisition.

Another exciting area of video production is live streaming.  People have a natural curiosity.   A new listing can be shown live or in real time.  All that is needed is an internet connection and a web cam or camera.  Add some software like OBS.  Then stream live using YouTube or Facebook.  This would create a great excitement and buzz for a new property.  In addition to make them want to see it live.

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A significant part of any listing or website are good quality images.  In other words, pictures that draw potential clients in and make them interested.  For example, a homeowner may not be currently in the market for a new home.  However, they love the postcard you distributed and keep it.  Your logo is now with that image hanging on their refrigerator.  Or, a potential home buyer is looking at a large amount of homes on Zillow.  There is one image that causes them to stop and click on the home, your listing!  Our images make users click on them!  And are deigned to draw attention to your brand.

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