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Digital Marketing Is Key For Real Estate Agents

Digital Marketing is a essential component of any business today.  Especially the real estate industry.  One method being SEO or SEM.  However, there are other digital marketing tools that are extremely effective.  These include PPC or pay-per-click and banner advertising.  In addition to blogging, email marketing, and newsletter creation.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Well over 90% of home buyers have searched online during their search process.  And real estate searches continue to increase over 100% from the previous year.  What does that mean?  That pay per click advertising is an important part of digital marketing.  We are experienced with Google Adwords pay per click advertising.  And we will ensure that your site and properties receive not just clicks, but conversions.  Delco SEO monitors and adjusts Adwords campaigns until you are paying for conversions only.  As a result, leading to an increased ROI.

Ad Creation

Creating great ads can drive potential clients to or away from your site.  We ensure that your ads match the landing page content.  And gives users the ability to do what the ads states.  For example, click here to download a PDF.  Or, contact us for a quote.  This increases the ad quality score.  As a result, you get more for your money with your advertising.  And increase your ad position among competitors.  We can create custom landing pages to go with your ad with our web design services.

Email Marketing

A solid email marketing campaign can foster relationships with potential home buyers.  For example, teach clients about the home buying process.  Or make them aware about the best parts of the community they are looking within.  Delco SEO makes sure your potential clients are intrigued and interested in your emails.  In addition to making sure they receive relevant content.


Blogging is another important element in SEO.  Having good articles and content that readers can relate to shows that you are a professional in the industry.  And that you a trustworthy realtor to do business with.  Delco SEO works for you in helping write quality articles and content.  And ensures that it targets the specific audience.

Newsletter Creation

Good newsletter creation is provides good content.  And you have to know your audience.  For example, you would not send a letter about new homes to someone who just purchased a house.  The goal is to engage your potential clients, not sell to them.  We ensure that your newsletters have interesting content and subject lines that users will want to click on.  And provide a call to action so they engage with your newsletter and your website.

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