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Effective Marketing Begins With A Farm Area

I often get asked the question about what is the most effective marketing strategy for real estate agents.  The answer is simple, become an expert and visible in a “farm area”.  In other words, make sure you are the “go to” realtor in a specific neighborhood.  And identify the demographics in that area.  This ensures that the appropriate marketing strategy is utilized.  For example if millennials are the target, social media would be the best way to reach that audience.  You can easily find this information by searching the town or neighborhood in Google.   Your social media strategy should include content that millennials can relate to.

Customize Your Website With Landing Pages

The beauty of having your own website as a realtor is that you can customize it.  Potential clients learn more about you! Create a page or create a video about why you became a real estate agent.  Show your personal side.  Create a landing page with a video of your “farm area” neighborhood.  Showcase homes in the neighborhood and show you are an expert on it.  In addition, showcase a home weekly on the page.  Tell potential clients what you like about it!  Not just how many bedrooms it has, or that it is turn key.

Create a pay per click ad which targets that specific property.  And be sure it links to the landing page.  You can even set the appropriate audience in Google Adwords.   Therefore, you are paying not just for clicks but conversions.  Also, advertise on Zillow.  Your ad will show up locally on both Trulia and Zillow.  It is estimated that 92% of buyers house hunt online.  Zillow alone has an estimate 160 million visitors per month.

Set Goals

All of these strategies are great.  Now be sure they are working.  Review your website and ad data.  For your website, this data can be easily accessed through Google Analytics here.  All that needs to be done is to setup google analytics on your website.  Note the behavior flow, new vs returning visitors, average time of page, bounce rate, etc.  More on that specifically in another article.  Gather that information and set realistic goals.  A general rule of thumb is a 2% increase.

Effective marketing involves SEO.  One factor in Google’s ranking algorithm is how much time visitors spend on a page.  The higher the number, the more value your site has.  It demonstrates your website’s importance to the search engines.  Make sure you ad provides value, and does what it says.  For example, if your ad says “call now for appointment”, make sure that is clear.  And at the top of the landing page.  In addition, track how many calls you are getting from that ad.  And set the goals for how many more you would like each month.

Effective Marketing And Variety Marketing

In the end, effective marketing begins by identifying who your target audience is.  And utilizing the best strategy to reach that audience.  At Delco SEO, we utilize a variety of services.  Hence, variety marketing.  All of which are designed to meet your marketing needs.

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